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Best Instagram Marketing Tools

Best Instagram Marketing Tool: Mass Planner vs Followliker vs Instaplus Review

There is absolutely no doubt that Instagram is one of the biggest social networks out right now. Whether you’re trying to promote your business, brand, or even yourself, getting into Instagram marketing is practically essential for your marketing campaign. There’s a reason Instagram has all the hype right now, and it brings a ton of opportunity for businesses and brands to grow and get their name out there. Lately, social media automation tools seem to have risen above the surface. These have proven to be very powerful for businesses. You can automate all the hard work that is usually involved in getting a social media presence with these tools. Today, we review and find the best Instagram Marketing tool for businesses. Now, each case is different and therefore each user will have their ideal pick. What might be the best Instagram marketing tool for me, might not be for others.

Every day there are new users flooding onto Instagram. A large percentage of millennials are on Instagram every day, and it’s a common place to discover new brands and products. Because Instagram is visually based, the posts users encounter are more likely to leave a lasting impression, making it a great place to attract new customers and fans.

Growing Your Instagram

Instagram Marketing Growth

Getting followers on Instagram doesn’t happen over night, and it definitely requires you to make quality posts consistently. Images that are visual and/or personal are usually what does best. Don’t be afraid to experiment and tweak your posting style according to what gets more traction. Since engagement on Instagram is much higher than on Facebook, listening to your audience is the best thing you can do.

Besides making great content, staying engaged with your following plays it’s own special part. That means replying and liking comments on your posts, and even cross promoting with other brands that share the same niche you’re after. It’s extremely popular to have contests and giveaways where you offer a shout-out or free item to those who perform certain tasks. Get creative and remember, listen to your audience! Instagram marketing tools can be of great use when it comes to staying engaged.

Another popular way to grow on Instagram is by creating a social media web of accounts that can be managed. The way this works is by creating and marketing Instagram accounts that will direct it’s followers to the main brand, business, or personality. While this is a method that takes time and effort, the overall network reach has a ton of potential. This is where Instagram marketing tools come in handy.

Why Use Instagram Marketing Tools?

Instagram App on Phone

There are many benefits to using Instagram marketing tools for your campaign. Three of the most popular Instagram marketing tools are Mass Planner, Followliker, and We are going to dive deeper into each of these tools in this article to help give you an idea of which one might be right for you.

Benefits of Instagram Marketing Tools

The main thing about using these tools to to make Instagram marketing easier. Some of the most prevalent benefits of using one of these tools are as follows:

  • They Save Time – The whole genius behind these marketing tools is the automation of small tasks to get big results over time. Automate everything from following, posts, likes, and comments to save time. The time saved can be used to create quality content to post.
  • They Save Money! – Now you don’t have to rely on other people, or as many people, to manage your social media accounts. You can even manage them as a single person!
  • Gain Followers – Getting followers with these tools is made easier than ever now that it can be done basically hands free. When used correctly, you will be able to grow accounts naturally and safely.
  • Increased Engagement – Because you’ll be able to target the audience you want, increased engagement is almost always guaranteed. Since people who are more likely to be interested in your brand can be reached, it only makes sense that there will be more of a response to the posts being made.
  • Regular Account Traffic and Activity – With more followers, especially targeted followers, you’ll get more users returning as well as more new, organic traffic coming to your page. Pair this with quality content, and you’ll be sure to grow.
  • Grow Multiple Accounts – It’s a whole lot easier to manage and automate multiple Instagram accounts with Mass Planner, Followliker, or With automated tasks, there is no need to specifically manage each account once set up is complete.

Which is the Best Instagram Marketing Tool?

When it comes to determining which is the best Instagram marketing tool, it all comes down to the settings being used and personal preference. While we might not be able to decide for you which is the best, we can help you understand each one a little bit more so you can determine what might work best for you. Hopefully this will help you decide on the best Instagram marketing tool for you.

The three tools that we’ll be covering in this article are Mass Planner, Followliker, and All three of them are similar in many ways, but are also really different. They are similar in the way that automation is the main benefit. In order to really get into their differences, we decided to review each tool separately. Keep reading to figure out the deal with each one of these marketing tools, as well as the pros and cons. Let’s go find the very best Instagram marketing tool for your needs!

Mass Planner Review: Instagram

Mass Planner is a marketing tool used for more than just Instagram. It is by many considered to be the best Instagram marketing tool out there. In fact, you can manage social media account for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as well if you want to. While that is pretty cool, we’re specifically interested in what it can offer in terms of marketing your Instagram.

First of all, Mass Planner offers a 5 day free-trial to first time users. This gives you more than enough time to experiment with the interface and see how it works. There are two different monthly plans to choose from: the Standard Plan and the Premium Plan. With the Standard Plan, you get basic automation and scheduling features for up to 16 accounts for $9.95 per month. However, if you choose the Premium Plan, you get full automation and scheduling, as well as all the additional modules Mass Planner has to offer for unlimited accounts at a rate of $19.95 per month. We’ll go over which modules those are shortly. If you’re not into the monthly thing, there are also options to pay every 6 months, $44.95 for the Standard, or $84.95 for the Premium.

In order to run Mass Planner, you need to download and install it onto your computer. Since it runs on your desktop, you’ll be required to keep your computer on and internet connected in order for the automations to run. Since one license is permitted per computer, if you want to use Mass Planner on more than one machine, you’ll need to choose how many computers you’ll be using it on when signing up for your subscription.

Mass Planner Features

The different tasks and settings you’ll be able to set up for your Instagram on Mass Planner include the following:

  • Auto-Follow – Follow users in your niche by using relevant search terms. You can also set up accounts to follow the followers of other Instagram accounts.
  • Follow-Back – Follow back users who decided to follow you. This will help you keep in touch with your followers, as well as interact with them.
  • Unfollow – Unfollow those who didn’t follow back to keep your following list manageable. You never have to worry about following accounts more than once with the blacklisting option.
  • Auto-Like – Search and like images according to the search terms you input. This will help get more reach and raise your engagement rate.
  • Auto-Comment – Leave comments on pictures related to your niche to help gain more exposure.
  • Auto-Posting and Re-posting – This is a module that needs to be purchased separately if you’re on the Standard Plan ($35). Schedule posts with descriptions and choose to re-post from certain accounts.
    • Delete Posts – Delete all Instagram posts of an account to start off fresh. This is particularly useful when deciding to switch over to a new niche.
  • Add Proxies – Use proxies to grow accounts more discreetly. Proxies are a great way to hide your IP and keep accounts from getting banned.
  • Block and White-list Followers – Easily block troublesome and unwanted followers based on certain filters so they can no longer interact with your account. White-listing is also to ensure certain users are not unfollowed.
  • Delete Comments – Get rid of inappropriate comments easily with the InstaComment ($15)
  • Auto-Phone Verification – If you have an account with, profiles can be automatically phone verified.
  • Add Tags to Accounts – Since you have the potential to manage an unlimited number of accounts, you can add tags to them to help make it easier to sort out. Just filter the accounts by tags when you want to specifically manage one marketing campaign.
  • Copy Account Settings – If you have settings that you would like to use on multiple accounts, you won’t need to set them all manually. There is an option to copy and paste the settings of one account to one, two, or even all the other accounts you are managing.

The Mass Planner Interface

The last thing to comment on about Mass Planner is the interface. For the most part, the interface is pretty user friendly and easy to use. The dashboard displays the live summary of the actions being performed by accounts. You can also check on the statistics on the second tab, (which are exportable) and easily send a message to support with any of your questions and problems on the fourth tab .

Moving further along in regards to the interface of Mass Planner, it is laid out simply and is easy to follow. There is one section to manage the accounts (social profiles) and a separate section that handles the settings and automations (tools). A general settings section handles whether or not Mass Planner runs on start-up, some general social network preferences, and more. If you’re using the Standard Plan and want to purchase a module, it’s easy to do so by visiting the Extra Modules tab. All in all, Mass Planner seems like an obvious contender for the best Instagram marketing tool.

The Pros and Cons of Mass Planner

Now that we’ve gone over Mass Planner in depth, it’s time to talk about the pros and cons.

Pros of Mass Planner

  • The user interface is a lot easier to use than a lot of other desktop based Instagram marketing tools.
  • While we’re mainly interested in Instagram, Mass Planner is kind of like an all-in-one package, allowing you to run marketing campaigns on practically all the important social media networks.
  • You get the option to pay either monthly and semi-annually.
  • Set it and forget it. Once you have everything you need set up, accounts will be able to run for as long as you want them to.
  • According to many on the web, Mass Planner has great customer support.
  • Mass Planner has their own knowledge base for users to learn how to use the tool at it’s fullest potential.
  • You get a 5 day free trial to test out the software.

Cons of Mass Planner

  • It takes quite a bit of RAM, about 250 MB, give or take when taking into consideration how many accounts you will be managing. You’ll want 2 GB of RAM minimum.
  • Everything needs to be stored and run on a computer, which may slow things down for you and take up a lot of space.
  • There is no one time payment option, meaning you’ll need to keep paying continuously if you want to keep using the software.

Followliker Instagram Edition Review

Followliker is similar to Mass Planner in the way that you can use it for many different social media platforms. The main difference is that while Mass Planner has access to automate on all platforms, one has to pay for each Followliker edition. We’re going to cover the Followliker Instagram Edition, since we are focused on Instagram in this discussion. A lot of people are happy with Followliker, so let’s see why that could be the case.

Starting off, the Followliker Instagram Edition is available with 3 different license plans, all one-time payments: 1 account license for $57.99, 5 accounts license for $77.99, and unlimited accounts license fir $97.99. Each plan gives you full access to all the software’s features, meaning if you only want to handle one account, you are only required to purchase the single account license. On the other hand, if you are looking to build a large amount of Instagram accounts, then the unlimited accounts license is a great deal. Some say this is the best Instagram marketing tool because of its handy one-time payment.

Just like Mass Planner, Followliker needs to be downloaded and installed on a computer in order to run. An internet connection is also required so the automated tasks can be performed. You are only permitted to use one license on one machine, which means it’s required to purchase more than one license if you are looking to run the software on more than one computer.

Followliker Features

Here is a list of all of the different settings and automations you can set up for your Instagram account(s). Since we have elaborated the importance of different settings going through the Mass Planner features, we will list the features singularly unless it has not been mentioned previously:

  • Auto-Follow
  • Follow Back
  • Unfollow
  • Auto-Like
  • Auto-Comment
  • Black and White-listing
  • Proxy Assignments
  • Copy and Replace Account Settings
  • Auto-Posting Pictures and Videos
  • Captcha System – Add a captcha solving account (eg. DeathByCaptcha) to automatically solve captchas.

When it comes to the Followliker interface, it may be a bit confusing to those who aren’t familiar with using software to run social media accounts. It starts off as a blank box, which you’ll need to right click in order to bring up a menu in order to choose the option to add an account. It’s definitely not as straight forward as the Mass Planner set up and will take a bit of time for most to get the hang of.

Though it is a bit confusing at first, once you get it down, you’ll see how easy it is to get accounts set up and rolling. Followliker was made to set it and forget it. Tweaks can be made easily by just right clicking on an account, going to the custom settings, accessing the wizard. Overall settings can be made through the main menu at the top. With Followliker, you can make multiple projects that run in their own windows to make project management easier. If you’re low on money, this might be the best Instagram marketing tool for you.

The Pros and Cons of Followliker

Let’s go over the things you might like, and what you might not like so much about Followliker Instagram Edition.

Pros of Followliker

  • It’s only a one-time payment, which is a real money saver if you’re planning to use these tools for a long time.
  • All features are included, no matter what plan you choose.
  • Being able to set projects up in different windows helps better organize different projects and campaigns you may be running simultaneously.
  • A great set it and forget it system. Just set everything up once and you’re good to go!
  • There is a ton of information you can read up on online about Followliker, making it easy to learn about.
  • You can create a very detailed set up for each account, making it easy to specify according to niche, and easy to tweak slightly later on.
  • The settings for a single account is in one place, making it a bit less overwhelming than Mass Planner.

Cons of Followliker

  • While the way all settings for an account are in one spot is convenient, it is also a bit confusing for some at first.
  • The layout of the software isn’t as straight forward and might be too overwhelming for people not that experienced with bots.
  • If you’re running a lot of accounts, Followliker can take a toll on your system.
  • You need to keep your computer on in order to run the software 24/7. Review is different from Mass Planner and Followliker in the way that it’s fully operated online. There is no download necessary and is said to be quite easy to use. Instaplus was specially made to manage and grow Instagram accounts, making it a specified tool to suit your needs. Before buying an plan, you get the chance to try it out for free on 1 account for 7 days.

There are 3 different paid plans to choose from; 7 days for $4.90, 30 days for $14.90 (40% savings), and 60 days for $21.90 (50% savings). Each plan lets you manage up to 5 Instagram accounts. Being operated online is probably the biggest convenience of this tool since it won’t have any wear and tear on your very own machine. Let’s take a look at what features this cloud-based Instagram tool has:

  • Auto-Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Auto-Like
  • Auto-Comment
  • Auto-Posting
  • Black and White-listing
  • Cloud-Based – No downloads are required and everything is accessed and set up through your browser.
  • Competitive Stat Tracking – When needed, will track the stats of competing
  • Create Custom Filters – Add filters to help avoid inactive accounts and others that aren’t necessarily your target audience.

The interface is arguably the simplest and easy to use out of the tools we went over. This might make it the best Instagram marketing tool for newcomers. It’s lightweight and straight to the point. There is a tab to access auto-posts, an activity tab to automate follows, likes, and comments, a tab to go over the task history, and advanced options to manage black and white lists, etc. If you do not want to mess around with a VPS or software, this might be the best Instagram marketing tool for you.

Pros of

  • The interface is extremely easy to use and can be figured out by any Instagram user.
  • Everything is based online, meaning there are no downloads required. Your computer doesn’t have to be on in order for it to run either.
  • You can choose to pay for every 7 days, 30 days, or 60 days. Only pay for the time you need!
  • Support is available 24/7 to answer any questions and help troubleshoot any problems.
  • Being able to track stats of competitors is a nice feature that the other tools miss.

Cons of

  • You can only manage up to 5 accounts per account, making it inconvenient for those who want to run a large amount of accounts.
  • Payments have to be made every 7 days, 30 days, or 60 days, taking away the simplicity of a one time payment.
  • While the interface is extremely easy to use, it doesn’t seem like you can get as detailed of a set up compared to Followliker or Mass Planner.

Conclusion of the best Instagram marketing tool?

Best Instagram Marketing Tool for growth

This question is what it all comes down to. And to be honest, there is no specific answer. It all depends on your needs. Economically speaking, it is nice that Followliker has a one-time payment option. On the other hand, Mass Planner is by far the most powerful tool. If you are serious about your Instagram ventures, I highly recommend going with Mass Planner. It has so many more options, not only for Instagram but also other social networks than the other two.

The downside with the two first is that it requires you to leave your PC on 24/7 or preferably get a VPS. If you’re looking for something simple for a personal account, you can go with The options are far less but for simplicity reasons it is still worth mentioning in the article. No software is required because it is completely web based. This is nice, but I feel the option is simply not anywhere near its competitors optionwise.

I personally use Mass Planner because in my opinion it is the best Instagram marketing tool. It is wonderful for businesses and even personal use. You can manage loads of accounts at scale with ease. You may be thinking the price tag is high, but I disagree. Your money takes you further here. This really is the godfather of all social media marketing tools.

So to conclude, which is the best Instagram marketing tool… Objectively speaking, Mass Planner takes the cake here. It is the most powerful tool for social media automation on the market. However, it might not be the best Instagram marketing tool for you. Weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

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