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Earn Money Online with CPA & Instagram Marketing Tools

We all know that a nice butt is enough to attract plentiful perverts to an Instagram account. Of course, being a selfie star on Instagram wouldn’t hurt, but it doesn’t make you a dime. Let’s cut to the chase now. Instagram marketing early birds have cashed in a lot of green dollars. As a non-celebrity Instagram account holder, can you join the Instagram bandwagon and bank hard as well? Maybe, not yet! No, no. Hear me out. Here’s an eye-opener for you.

Compared to other social networking platforms, it’s relatively easy to make money on Instagram. This isn’t to say that you will meet success by accident without throwing an arm and a leg. So, be ready to sweat just a little bit because nothing worthy is ever achieved without a sweat. Don’t fret yet; we are about to dig into a shortcut method to churn some quick cash from Instagram marketing. I am about to REVEAL what other Instagram marketers won’t dare to tell you. Heck yeah! Your earnings will stop sucking from the first month itself. So far, I have made well over 15 grand over a period of three-quarters from this tried and tested method. On most days, I hit well over $50 a day with relative ease. So, let’s get started.

To begin with, you will require some basic stuff. Think of it as the supplies needed to kick-start your Instagram marketing money making endeavor.

Step 1) OGads Account

This step should be a cakewalk for the most part. All you need to do is sign up for a free account at OGads, a well-known mobile CPA network. Right off the bat, they are one of the best in the business. Most of my disclosed earnings are from this network itself. A relatively small share of the 15 grand was made from another network that goes by the name of Adludum. I never had any issues with them, and they are diligently paying me every week till date. So, feel free to pull the trigger and sign up for both these CPA networks for no cost. For your convenience, I have given the sign-up links below to both the networks.

Step 2) Instagram Marketing Bots

Mass Planner for Instagram Marketing

Bots are going to be the game changer over here simply because they will make your job so much easier. Bots generate a storm of activity to your accounts. About two years back when I was virally using Instagram bots, I had over 100,000 followers on multiple accounts. My best recommendation over here would be to use Massplanner Instagram marketing bot. For $17 a month, this bot is a killer. There are other options as well if you don’t have the spending power yet, which will be discussed in a short while. Coming back to Massplanner, I have been using them for years now. It’s cheap, it’s beginner-friendly, and it has more features than its competition. Therefore, it steals the first spot in the list of Instagram bot recommendations. If you are ready, here’s the link for Massplanner Instagram bot:

Step 3: Instagram Accounts

Goes without saying, you will need more than a few Instagram accounts to get the ball rolling. The more you have, the more you will be able to churn cash. Obviously, Instagram marketing is most effective at a large scale, which multiple accounts will allow you to do. Your best bet would be to invest only on aged Non-PVS Instagram accounts. Truth to be told, it was a pain in the neck dealing with some overseas guy to supply valid Instagram accounts. After dealing with many cockroaches along the way, I was able to shortlist some reliable and trustworthy guys for aged Instagram accounts.

If you don’t have any source of your own yet, feel free to contact me, so that I can share the contact details of those guys who can help you out with aged and valid Instagram accounts. For those with little to no money can create multiple Instagram accounts on their own. Just make sure to give them a break of at least one week before using them for this method to avoid potential bans.

Step 4) Phone Numbers

Instagram auto spam blocker can be a real pain because Instagram is constantly tightening up on spam detection. Truth to be told, I struggled with them a lot in the past. Instagram Marketing can be tricky when it comes to bans, which is why you want to phone verify all your accounts. Folks who have traveled this road would know where I am coming from. Anyways, before they could beat me to submission, I was able to find some good sources of phone numbers for the sake of verification. I generally use one or more of these sources for phone numbers, Nextplus, Textnow, and Textplus. Being a free resource, there could be some hiccups, but they work for the most part. If you have some dollars to spend, go for the paid ones like Hidemynumbers and SMSPva. So, there you go. Another hurdle cleared for you.

Step 5) Proxies

Since we will be using multiple Instagram accounts at once, we cannot afford to leave any footprints. So, don’t take the risk of running them on your own IP address. Again, after lots of trial and error, I was able to shortlist a good proxy provider over here. I have been using private proxies from Lime Proxies for nearly a year now. You do not get 10 premium private proxies for such a low price anywhere else. They always work flawlessly and with nice speed. Support is top notch as well.

Step 6) The Actual Process/Method!

So, now we are ready with all the arms and ammunitions. It’s time to shoot the target. About time we get the money train rolling with Instagram marketing I will let you know the actual process from scratch. What you simply need is a good niche and a corresponding landing page to promote the niche. For instance, you can choose “fitness” niche and find any fitness related landing page for promotion. No, you don’t have to spend heavily on blogs or websites. Remember, the step 1. We had opened an account with OGads for a good reason. They have boatloads of readymade landing pages for just about any niche out there. You simply have to head to the membership area on their site to access this goldmine.

Expert Comments: Instead of choosing a very narrow niche, consider a broader niche or more general niche so that the promoted item is well received by most Instagram users.

Trust me; most of the work is done because the rest will be done by the Instagram marketing bot. Of course, we will have to hand-walk the bot in the beginning by playing around with the settings so that it does the work that it’s intended to do. So, stay glued as I uncover the power of this simple, yet super-effective method.

Step 7) Building Your Army of followers

Remember, I told you that the bots are going to be the game changer for this method because the key to this method is to have an army of followers to promote the chosen landing page. Since I am using Massplanner, I will tell you how I raise my own army of followers. The first step is to add accounts in them. Whether you are using Massplanner, adding accounts is a pretty straightforward task that even a school kid can do on his own. Just make sure that all your Instagram account profiles have relevant description and links.

Once you have added the accounts, it’s time to let them blossom. The key over here is to go slow and sturdy to avoid the ban hammer. If you start following thousands of followers every day on each account, you will definitely go under the scanner. Instead, follow no more than a few hundred followers every day on each account. At the end of the day, you will still be following a sizeable amount of people because there are multiple accounts working for you at the same time. You can gradually increase the count as the account keeps on aging. Also, have some rest days once in a while so that your account growth appears natural.

Here’s what an ideal account growth should look like. On day one, add around 40 to 60 likes max. Next day, follow the same pattern. Take a break on the third day. On the next day, add profile pics, bio description, and link to the accounts. Follow around 300 people on day 5 and keep following 50 to 100 more accounts on day 6 and 7. The next week, you can increase the count to 500 to 600 each day.

Best Mass Planner Settings

On the settings area of Massplanner, keep the wait period between 45 to 60 minutes and checkmark the option that reads “User has profile image”. This is just to make sure that we are interacting with active accounts. Also, limit the maximum number of likes per user to 2. You will simply have to checkmark these options under Massplanner, whichever tool you are using.

Follow this route for a while, and pretty soon you will see boatloads of real followers on all your accounts. With patience, the sky is the limit over here. As mentioned before, some of my CPA Instagram accounts have over 100k followers. Fortunately for me, they are not collecting dust, but making me money every single day. You don’t even need half this account size to make $50 a day. If you have something legit to promote, you will easily be able to make consistent money with the army of real followers you gain.

Expert Advice:

Do not send people directly to the landing page. Use some kind of URL shortening service to shorten the link to the landing pages. You can use Use Goo.Gl/ Bitly for the same because it will help you track the conversions from your CPA marketing.

Find popular Instagram users who have millions of followers and set your account as their Follow sources and start following their followers. This way, you will never be short of real and active followers.

Working around Common Problems

At some point or the other, Instagram might ask you to phone verify your account. Use any of the phone verification sources covered in step 4 to bypass this stage. You could also be asked for email verification. Simply verify the code sent to your email, and you should be good to continue.

Sometimes, you will be faced with a problem of temporary follow block. This generally happens when you add followers too fast. In such a case, give that account a temporary break, or stop the Follow option and Start the Unfollow tool. Instagram does mention when the temporary block will be removed, so you can wait until that time, and work on your other accounts in the meantime.

Final Words

So, feel free to put this method into action and be ready for good paydays in the coming weeks. Don’t force yourself into believing that this method will get saturated soon. This is not true. Instagram is a booming site and Instagram marketing is a booming business as well. Hundreds and thousands of new faces join the site every hour. So, this method is bound to make you money as long as you don’t hold yourself back. Put it into action, and you will not regret. You can thank me later on!

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