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Improve Youtube View Retention

Improve Youtube View Retention for your Videos with these Steps

It is a question many video creators have been asking. “How do I improve Youtube View Retention?”

The reason for the question is that it has been proven many times over, videos that engage viewers and captivate them till the end seems to have priority in Youtube search. And these are the videos that people like and share.

If you are one of those that constantly worry about how to improve Youtube view retention, please read on. Below are some common tips and tricks to engage your audience and improve view retention for your videos:


One thing top Youtube video channels have been doing is to give viewers, at video beginning, reasons to watch the video to the end. This works most of the time. Save a key point for the end of the video and give your viewers obvious hints.

A good way to do this is to state at the beginning of your video that the most interesting tip/fact will be revealed at the end of the video. TV and News stations do this all the time.

You may want to be careful using this strategy though. You must always give your viewers what you promise. View retention or not, you still need to build trust in the long run. So, if you don’t have anything spectacular or worthy of interest in your video, don’t use this method.


Imrpove Youtube View Retention by knowing your Audience

Creating videos for just anyone will surely affect your view retention. When you have a channel that caters to a specific niche, then it’s more likely that your audience will stay longer on your clips which in turn translates to a higher view retention.

Yes, some markets like entertainment or comedy can afford to jump on any topics but for many others, being specific will boost your youtube view retention.


Attention spans online nowadays are on a downward spiral. You should not add anything that is not adding value to your video just to make up the minutes. Don’t ramble. Go straight to the point and your viewers will reward you with good engagement.

Many beginner Youtube creators are guilty of this. If your clip can end in a minute then make it so. Though there have been arguments whether length of a youtube video matters in ranking, people will abandon a video that loses its flare along the way.


Talking about attention span, when your video is long, sectionalize it. This helps to keep your viewers engaged. Illustrate, even if you don’t have drawing skills. Use a drawing tablet for your main points. Using different means to outline your points in a video will help you captivate your audience.


It’s a known fact that shorter videos have good retention. So, if you have a wide topic to cover then try and split it into different parts. Why some video creators don’t do this is that viewers may not watch the other parts. That may be true in some cases.

What the top channels have been doing is to drop a teaser at the end of the first part to persuade viewers not to miss the other parts.


Improve Youtube View Retention with Analytics

Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you with a lot of things concerning your video. From the Analytics you can see which of your videos are doing well. In your Audience Retention tab, check Absolute Audience Retention and then Relative Audience Retention.

Absolute Audience Retention will let you know the percentage of views at every point in your video. Relative Audience Retention lets you see how your video retention compares with videos of equal lengths.

You should know that certain niches always have better retention than other niches, so don’t work yourself up for nothing. What many people do is to compare videos from the same niche.

When you see videos that have higher retention than yours, you may want to study what they’re doing for these good engagements. Investigate. Analyze. Is it because of the length? How is the information presented?


Unknown to many Youtube video creators, the beginning seconds of your videos are very important. These can drive your audience away or make them stay. It’s often funny to see a very entertaining highlight from the video to quickly catch the viewer’s attention.

There should not be room for long intros. And make sure you display energy throughout your clip.


It’s easy to go to Youtube, check the top videos in a niche and then try to build something on the topics being covered. But it is far better to spend more time to think and then create your video by adding a twist or a new angle to those popular topics. As audiences are becoming more wise, this will ensure they stay longer on your different-from-the-pack video.


High quality is the answer. Some time ago, I created a video for a new Youtube channel in a niche I was targeting. I downloaded a free video creating app online and put up some clips using Powerpoint. After a few week when I didn’t see any positive movements I started going through other videos in the niche. What I saw blew me away. I told myself there’s no way my hastily put up video would outrank these thoughtfully created masterpieces.

The moral of the story? Always put an effort in the creation of your videos. You can’t improve Youtube view retention by creating subpar videos. High-quality videos will naturally command higher view retention. Put in more smart efforts in your videos. Spend a little more if need be. You will surely improve Youtube view retention by your unrelenting efforts.


You see this every time. It’s called clickbait. Creators and writers using titles that will deceive their audience into clicking on their videos and links. Please don’t do this, or your view retention will suffer. People hate being lied to. Make sure you minimize hype in your video titles. As I said above if you promise them anything, give it to them..

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