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Best Mass Planner Proxies

Mass Planner Proxies Recommended for Speed & Safety

When running a powerful social media automation tool like Mass Planner, it is very important to keep your accounts completely safe. Trust me, nothing feels worse than having your social media accounts banned because you did not play it safe with IPs and proxies. I learnt this the hard way, and I’m gonna save you the trouble of going down the same route today. In this post, I will show you the recommended Mass Planner proxies that are both lightning fast and keep your accounts safe.

Why use Proxies?

You might ask yourself, “why do I need to use proxies when running Mass Planner?”. Well, the answer is simple.

If you run Mass Planner without proxies, all your accounts will be running their automation processes from the same IP address. Now, this raises a big red flag on the social networks that something is wrong here. If Instagram notices, that the same IP is being used on 20 highly active Instagram accounts at once, your account safety is gonna be in danger. No ordinary person would do this as they probably only have a personal account. This screams to Instagram that some kind of automation process is going on here.

How do we get around this issue? Simple! Mass Planner proxies is the answer to our prayers.
Using proxies in Mass Planner, we can mimic and make everything look a whole lot more organic. In terms of security, this means that we do not have to worry about major bans.

With Mass Planner proxies, you can run the software at much more optimal settings without facing ban waves on all of your accounts. This means faster growth and better account security.

How many Mass Planner proxies do I need?

There is no specific answer to this question. It all comes down to the amount of accounts you are going to run. Now, some people like to use one proxy per account. This is obviously the safest way to go, but in my opinion also a little too expensive. Personally, I use three accounts per proxy. This seems like the golden spot between price and safety. Your accounts will be safe from IP bans and you will save yourself a dramatic amount of money rather than buying one proxy for each account. I have not faced a single ban yet, and I use three proxies per account. So to conclude, I recommend dividing the number of accounts by three and get that many proxies.

Which are the optimal Mass Planner proxies?

Now, I’m a guy with lots of experience running a variety of digital marketing tools. I’ve found, that good proxy quality really is make-or-break. Do not just utilize publicly accessible proxies with a timespan shorter than a fly. This is an area where you want to invest a few nickles. And it really does pay off. Rather one high quality proxy than five low-end proxies with inconsistent speed. Trust me, I learnt this the hard way – also with Mass Planner. Back when I started with Mass Planner proxies over a year ago, I made the crucial mistake of going with cheap proxies. Guess what? Shortly after, I faced a ban wave that targeted more than 50% of my accounts because the proxies had some transparency.

The Best Mass Planner Proxies provider

I have now tried multiple proxy providers and settled on one that really just beats all of its competitors. High Proxies have proven themselves to be the pinnacle of proxy providers for me.

I could ramble on for days about why you need to choose this exact provider, but I’ll keep it fairly short. Firstly, High Proxies have been vouched by Mass Planner themselves as the best provider for their software. The proxies come with great stability and even better speed. When running a tool like Mass Planner at scale, you’ll have loads of concurrent tasks. This will only work effectively with very stable proxies. Their proxies have been tested running more than 100 accounts on Mass Planner at the same time – with stunningly good results.

You get what you pay for with proxies. There might be a cheaper option out there, but you get what you pay for. Some of the cheaper providers will label their proxies as “private” although they also sell them to others to keep their expenses at a minimum. Some might limit your bandwidth and amount of requests. The compromises are endless.

I recommend buying the Private proxies or the Instagram proxies through their site. 3 accounts per proxy is sufficient. The private proxies should be enough, but Instagram is a picky platform when it comes to this kinda thing, so if you want to be completely safe, you can always go with the Instagram proxies. They have been tested specifically with Instagram and are therefore recommended for Instagram use.

Mass Planner Proxies at High Proxies

Using Proxies on Mass Planner

To manage proxies, go to the Proxy Manager section in your Mass Planner software.

Proxy Manager Mass Planner

The Proxy Manager section looks as following:

Proxy Settings Mass Planner

To add a new single proxy, simply click the ‘Add Proxy’-button in the top left. If you want to either export or import multiple proxies at once, you can do that as well.

If you quickly want to assign unused proxies to your accounts, that can be done at the bottom of the section. To manually assign accounts to each proxy (could be a good idea if you are running multiple accounts in the same niche), simply add social profiles from the drop-down menu at each proxy.

I hope this guide helped you understand how to use Mass Planner at scale the right way with Mass Planner proxies. Proxies are crucial to long term success. Nothing feels worse than seeing your hard work going down the drain. Do yourself a favor and use those proxies right. I wish you all good luck on your Mass Planner journey!

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